The AGS Bake Sale is a fun way for the AGS community to fundraise in support of a worthy cause. Basically, a fellowship of AGS game developers decide to donate their small and medium-sized indie-games to the Bake Sale Bundle, which is then offered for sale for a limited time only! This year's AGS Bake Sale Bundle consists of 4 unique and individual games showcasing the different styles of each author. It consists of a variety of games across a few different genres, including a non-adventure game. This year's sale will run from May 5th to May 31, 2014, so don't delay! Buy Now!

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This year the proceeds of the Bake Sale will go towards offsetting the AGS Community's growing server bill. For years we have mooched relied on server space generously provided free of charge, first by Chris Jones himself and more recently by Peder Johnsen. We all enjoy the fruits of the AGS community, without ever putting much thought into the costs incurred to keep the forums up and running. As well, Peder has of his own initiative instigated many additional services to the AGS community that also require additional expense, including the free to use AGSer.me web space for AGS-related uploads and the AGS Archive that will preserve our works for future game-archaeologists to marvel and wonder at. We, the AGS Bake Sale game developers, feel this cause merits the donation of our lovingly crafted games, and we appreciate your support in defraying this financial burden. Therefore, all funds raised (minus the inevitable transaction costs extracted by the bloodthirsty international banking cartel) will go towards maintaining and enhancing the AGS server.


You can pay what you want! At least, as long as it's more than the $1 USD minimum required to offset our transaction costs. However, if you choose to donate more than the average ($15.36), we will give you access to bonus materials as a reward! Soundtracks, wall-papers, game art and more can be yours for just a slightly above average contribution!

So what are you waiting for? Buy Now!

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2034 AC II


2034 AC II

The year is 2034, and the apocalypse has arrived. Fortunately in Canada, the apocalypse is very well-mannered and polite. This sequel to the popular MAGS game of the same title follows the further adventures of Paige Rowsdower, newest member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as she tries to maintain law and order in a world that is gently collapsing into chaos and anarchy. Drive fast cars, fight zombies, and eat lots of donuts in this snow-filled, hilarious, and eerily accurate portrayal of Canadian life. It's as close as you can get to being in Canada without actually going there! Beauty, eh?


Grab yourself a drink in 33 rapid minigames that test your quick thinking and reflexes! This is a frantic collection where you have to grab the beer in each level under a very short time limit.

Easy to pick up and difficult to master, this game rewards quick and out-of-the-box thinking. It comes with a cheerful cafe-style soundtrack, and assorted cast of bears and deer.


  • 33 levels including a secret one!
  • Record keeping!
  • Several cameos!
Suitable for all ages; alcohol not included.

Blue Lobe, Inc.


Blue Lobe, Inc.

Half web-comic, half sit-com, half training seminar, half adventure game, and half-baked, Blue Lobe Inc chronicles the struggles of three indie game designers as they try to bring their commercial AGS game to market. Help Lazarus and company handle impatient financial backers, vanquish local bullies, and complete their fully playable demo!


  • Fully voiced!
  • Fully animated!
  • Professional quality soundtrack!
  • Obscure references to classic adventures!
  • Humorous Flashbacks!
  • Exciting AGS A-List voice cameos!
  • 1 solid hour of gameplay!


Parking Goat


It's the show you all love and cherish, "THE SCHMENDERSONS!"

And on tonight's episode, "THAT DAMN DOG!", Ron is finally fed up with Stephan's dog, Don Piano, and decides to do something once and for all.

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Total payments: $1121.48
Number of purchases: 73
Average purchase: $15.36

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  1. Darth Mandarb $100.00
  2. LimpingFish $70.00
  3. Sassy_Ponch $69.00
  4. bicilotti $50.00
  5. No trampoline on the forums... $45.00